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Meet Ruchi Pawar

Meet Ruchi, our highly skilled and dedicated Oral Health Therapist who brings expertise and passion to Smile By Design. With a dual qualification as a Dental Therapist, Ruchi provides comprehensive examination & treatments for patients of all ages.

Feel supported in your dental journey with Ruchi Pawar

Ruchi and Michelle

After completing her Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy at The University of Sydney, Ruchi gained valuable experience working in busy clinics in Sydney. However, her adventurous spirit and desire for a more relaxed lifestyle led her to make the long-term move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Ruchi’s passion for oral health extends beyond the treatment room. She firmly believes in oral health promotion and understands that a healthy mouth is the foundation of overall well-being. Her commitment to educating patients on the importance of oral care empowers them to maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime.

One of Ruchi’s special interests lies in gentle hygiene, and she uses the innovative “Airflow” technique during appointments, which warms the water to body temperature for the most comfortable clean you’ll ever have. She loves to chat to you about teeth whitening treatments, and her love for providing these services allows patients to achieve radiant, confident smiles.

Beyond being in the practice, Ruchi loves curling up with her gorgeous cats (Bella & Raggy) and enjoying exploring the wonders of the Sunshine Coast in her spare time. 

With her warm smile and enthusiastic approach to patient care, Ruchi ensures that hygiene visits are something her patients can look forward to. 

Come visit Ruchi and experience gentle dental care.

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