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Discover a dental clinic that looks
beyond your smile

At Smile by Design, we want to provide honest healthcare that goes further than fixing the immediate issues by identifying and addressing the causes behind them. We seek to look after the whole person, physically and emotionally, while guiding you towards achieving your wellness and aesthetic goals. We seek to bring together dentistry, integrative healthcare and beauty, so you can smile with confidence.

It’s time to Look further and expect more from your Dental Experience

We are Smile by Design, a holistic and integrative dental clinic, based on the Sunshine Coast for the past 25 years. Grounded in exceptional dentistry, our approach goes further than conventional dentistry, encompassing holistic healthcare and skin treatments that accentuate natural beauty. We pride ourselves on doing more for our clients, providing a diverse range of services to complement excellence in family dental care.

Walk in Confidence and Trust

The Smile by Design Approach
Holistic Dental Clinic


Healthy and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

Discover exceptional dentistry built on experience, quality and trust. Together we create long term solutions that suit your lifestyle and put you on the path to true wellness through restorative dental work, preventative treatments and gum care.

Look beyond the smile with Smile by Design


Experience abundant health.

Discover an approach that looks beyond your smile. Experience the unique wellness and aesthetic approach of Smile by Design with integrative healthcare solutions, including sleep medicine, orthodontics and headache treatments.

Holistic Beauty Treatments at Smile by Design


Accentuate your natural radiance.

Find complementary skincare treatments for an all-encompassing wellbeing experience that helps you smile with confidence. From cosmetic dentistry to botox and dermal micro-needling, at Smile by Design, we want to empower you to live your best life.

We believe in creating a trustworthy and education-focused environment that encourages personal engagement, growth and community.

Honesty  •  Trust  •  Connection  •  Innovation
Knowledge  •  Care

Smile by Design Team

Meet the Smile by Design Team

Dr Simone Ricketts Dentist Sunshine Coast

Dr Simone Ricketts - Dentist

Bachelor of Dental Surgery – University of Adelaide

Alongside excellence in general dentistry, Simone has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, skin health and rejuvenation, treating headaches, clenching and grinding, teeth straightening, and treating snoring and sleep apnoea.

Rosi Ngwenya Oral Hygienist Sunshine Coast

Rosi Ngwenya - Oral Health And Myofunctional Therapist

Bachelor of Oral Health Science – La Trobe University, Victoria
Certified Breathing Behaviour Analyst – Professional School of Behavioural Health Sciences

Rosi takes care of the general dental needs of all our children alongside Dr Caitlyn. She manages routine checks, cleans, and fillings. She coordinates all our growth focussed orthodontic treatment and provides breathing and myofunctional therapy for kids and adults. She also provides routine gum care appointments for adults.

Grounded in Exceptional Dentistry
and Personal Care

Smile by Design was founded 20 years ago on the Sunshine Coast by Dr Simone Ricketts. In that time, we are proud to have grown an incredible community of clients and practitioners we work with towards holistic healthcare. Dr Simone leads an engaged and passionate team that is driving the business forwards, allowing them to care for more and more people. We are eager to continue our growth as a clinic and as a community, encompassing wellness and integrative healthcare, so you can walk in confidence and hope.

The friendly dental team at Smile by Design

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