Continuing on from when I noted that the human race is often fascinated by myths, here are a few more intriguing tooth and mouth myths debunked …

Myth “Applying aspirin directly to an aching tooth will ease the pain”

This is not true and in fact aspirin which is an acid, can burn the gum tissue. Taking the aspirin with water orally may ease the pain in the short term only.

Myth “Mouth rinses alone can cure bad breath”

Research shows that mouth rinses only reduce bacteria numbers in the short term. In fact, alcohol based mouth rinses can worsen bad breath.

It is better to brush and floss the teeth, and even brush your tongue (remember everything you eat passes over your tongue as well as your teeth) Have a professional clean with your dental hygienist.

Myth “Thumb sucking can cause buck teeth”

80% of children suck their thumbs. Even babies on prenatal ultrasounds have been observed sucking their thumbs! However, generally, only thumb sucking after age 5, when the adult teeth start appearing, can cause alignment problems.

Myth “Losing one tooth won’t affect the rest of the mouth”

Losing one tooth, aside from the obvious aesthetic issues, causes something like a domino effect…ie the neighbouring teeth tilts inwards, making bigger gaps between many teeth, and the opposing biting teeth grow longer when there is no longer a tooth to bite against! 

Myth “Hard bristled tooth-brushes are better for your teeth”

Use only soft toothbrushes as hard bristles will wear away tooth enamel causing root exposure and sensitivity.

Myth “Getting older inevitably means getting long in the tooth”

This expression really means having chronic untreated gum disease. Thus your gums have been exposed to long-term inflammation and bleeding, causing them to shrink, making your tooth actually appear to be longer. Gum disease is treatable and preventable.

Myth “Gain a child, lose a tooth”

This is absolutely untrue. Calcium is not depleted from the mother’s bones and teeth by the baby. Gingivitis (bleeding and inflammation of gums) affects up to 70% of pregnant women however this is totally preventable with good brushing and flossing twice daily.

So mothball these myths and instead pamper your pearly whites…

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