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Find the joy in wellness at Smile by Design, where our desire is for everyone to experience abundant health. We know your body is all connected; no one part can be pulled out, fixed and put back again without taking into account all your health concerns. That’s why we work closely with you and your health practitioners to ensure your body is supported through all stages of wellness. Through a more holistic approach to health that looks beyond your smile, we help you create momentum for a better life.

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Integrative and Holistic Dentistry Sunshine Coast

Integrative and Holistic Dentistry

We believe there is more to looking after your teeth than just brushing and flossing. At Smile by Design, we take pride in inviting broader conversations around how we can work together for a brighter, healthier you.

Integrative dentistry seeks to take the whole body into account, whilst providing exceptional treatment for the small details. We achieve this through simple changes to normal dental procedures, such as using the cleanest and safest materials and minimising stress to the body. We support your whole health through appropriate nutritional and complementary health products, and we look beyond one tooth to your entire mouth, airway, face and body to ensure that everything is in harmony. That way we can aim to treat the cause of issues and not only the symptoms.

This approach can improve health outcomes for patients experiencing sleep difficulties, stress, and other general health concerns. Such a holistic and integrative approach to dentistry will normally involve referral to other specialists and complementary healthcare providers to help bring long-lasting and far-reaching health improvements.

Safe Amalgam Removal

Smile by Design is fully accredited by the “SMART” protocol guidelines set down by the International Association for Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). With these precautions, amalgam fillings can be removed as safely as possible, minimising exposure to mercury.

We recommend working together with your health practitioner, to ensure that your body is supported nutritionally before and after treatment. This is paramount to attaining the best health outcomes.

Sleep Medicine

A good night’s sleep sets us up for a better life. You deserve to feel energised and ready for whatever the day ahead may bring, but when we consistently have a poor sleeping pattern, we lose perspective of how energised we should feel when waking up. Snoring, stress, sleep apnoea, breathing issues, nutritional deficiencies, grinding, clenching and more can all degrade our sleep.

When lifestyle changes haven’t been enough to improve sleep, looking at airway health can provide the answer. This may mean looking at introducing a CPAP machine, or a custom-designed mouth guard called a Somnodent, to unblock your airway. The results from this can be life-changing!

Integrative Dentist Maroochydore
TMJ pain

TMJ / Headache / Pain

Jaw dysfunction and headaches can be a symptom of a variety of issues including the way your teeth bite together, and where your jaw sits, through to the balance of muscles and bones throughout your body. At Smile by Design, we take a holistic approach to TMJ and headaches, looking for the distortion patterns in posture, alignment and occlusion that lead to those symptoms. We utilise a broad range of diagnostic tools and treatments to reduce symptoms whilst striving to resolve the cause. Treatment is always carried out with a referral to appropriate allied health and medical health practitioners to ensure long term rehabilitation and restoration to health.

Orthodontics Sunshine Coast

Growth-Focused Orthodontics and Myofunctional Therapy

Taking a holistic view of orthodontics, we look at treating the whole face. We focus the treatment on proper muscle function from an early age, to encourage ideal jaw development. If intervention is necessary to help improve jaw shape and size, we utilise a number of appliances including Bioblock Orthotropics, Myobrace and MyoMunchees. We are delighted to have Rosi on the team to provide myofunctional therapy for kids and for adults, as well.

Achieving Excellence in Integrative and
Holistic Dentistry

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At Smile by Design, we want you to look further and expect more from your visit to the dentist. We work with you to discover real solutions to your holistic health concerns while inviting conversations with you around your wellness and aesthetic goals. We want to empower you to make the best choices for your health and your lifestyle, so you can work towards positive health outcomes for today and into the future. We’re here for meaningful conversations and making sure you leave with a smile!

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