Meet Dr Tom Wauchope

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Meet Dr Tom Wauchope

Dr Tom takes a holistic approach to dentistry, working with you towards greater wellbeing. He believes individual actions come together to create greater health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. That’s the journey he wants to take with you.

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Dr Tom Wauchope

Dr Tom Wauchope Sunshine Coast Dentist

Dr Tom graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science, and a Graduate Diploma in Dentistry, before working in Australia’s best holistic dental clinics for over 8 years. Tom joined the Smile by Design team in 2018, offering exceptional holistic dental care to new and existing clients. His journey into healthcare was punctuated by perfectly timed connections with mentors that has allowed him to grow in both approach and technique.

“My daily goal and desire in life is to see hope restored”

Alongside excellence in general dentistry, Tom has studied nutritional medicine, homotoxicology, oral myofunctional therapy and buteyko breathing retraining, holistic kids dentistry, functional orthodontics, interdisciplinary headache & TMJ treatments, complex aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, sleep medicine and more.

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Dr Tom is passionate about guiding you towards achieving your wellness and aesthetic goals together, as friends. He takes the time to understand your unique circumstances and needs while keeping you informed about all your treatment options. He believes in giving you all the information you need, so you can make the best decision for you.

Tom believes in bringing hope and joy back into life and back into your smile, so you can live a happy and healthy life that attracts good things to you. A life marked by continually evolving encounters with others has led to deep compassion and understanding for people from diverse backgrounds. This has driven him to search out the best treatments and approaches to care for each individual.

Dr Tom Wauchope is a member of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine.