Choose a Positive Change in Your Dental Health

Meet Dr Simone Ricketts

Dr Simone approaches her care with compassion and empathy, choosing to work with you so you can make informed decisions that will change your life. She believes in making a real difference in your dental journey, and being there when you choose that positive change.

Dr Simone Ricketts

Choose a Healthier Life and a Happier Smile with Dr Simone Ricketts

Dr Simone graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years, where she started Smile by Design. Since then, Simone has helped her clients choose the healthier life they dream of, by providing practical and informed choices about their treatment options.

“Life is all about choice; I want to help you choose positive change.”

Alongside excellence in general dentistry, Simone has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, skin health and rejuvenation, treating headaches, clenching and grinding, teeth straightening, and treating snoring and sleep apnoea.

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Visit Dr Simone at Smile by Design

Dr Simone is passionate about making a real difference in your dental life, providing practical and realistic choices for your treatment. She invites real and meaningful conversations with you about your dental wellness and aesthetic goals, so you can return the joy to your smile.

Simone believes in choosing a healthier life grounded in compassion and care. She wants to be a part of your journey towards choosing a healthier mouth, jaw, face, skin and sleep so that you find the healthy life you dream of. She is here to help you restore the joy to your smile, and improve your whole outlook on life.

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Dr Simone Ricketts is a member of the Australian Dental Association, the Australasian Sleep Medicine Association and the Australasian Academy of Dento Facial Aesthetics. She is also a Platinum Provider for Somnomed sleep apnoea and snoring devices.

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