Just hearing the word chocolate is attention-provoking, to say the least. Most of us adore chocolate in any form. However, we also carry the guilt alongside the myth, that chocolate is bad for our pearly whites.

Well, guess what? Amazingly, multiple research studies have shown that chocolate can actually fight tooth decay. So eat on…. 

A study carried out by researchers at Osaka University in Japan found that part of the cocoa bean, the main ingredient in chocolate, disrupts mouth bacteria and tooth decay. They discovered that the cocoa bean husk has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and can fight effectively against plaque and other damaging agents. Furthermore, the cocoa butter in the chocolate was found to coat the teeth and prevent plaque formation. Tooth decay would normally occur when the bacteria in the mouth convert sugar to acids, which in turn erode the tooth causing what we commonly know as a cavity. The Japanese scientists determined that chocolate is less harmful than other sweets because the anti-bacterial agents in cocoa beans offset the sugar levels.

In addition, research at The University of Pennsylvania has shown that cocoa in chocolate has the ability to off-set the acid-producing potential of the sugar they contain and to reduce the demineralization process (start of tooth decay)

In another study in New York, milk chocolate and chocolate chip cookies were found to be among the snack foods that contribute least to tooth decay.

However chocolate does have considerable sugar content but because it melts quickly in your mouth, it leaves little time for bacteria to attack your teeth. Dentists agree that the cavity-causing potential of food is not necessarily totally related to sugar content, but rather to how often the particular food is eaten, the sequence of foods eaten (eating a bit of cheese after sweets is good) and the amount of time the food remains in the mouth (eg avoid lollipops)

In summary, chocolate can be eaten as an occasional snack (or an essential food group! ) without major risk to the health of your teeth. 

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