Do you have any ongoing habits that may be putting your new smile in danger? Consider that bad habits resulted in ruining your smile in the first instance and that they may well sabotage your fabulous new smile also, unless you manage them.

Destructive long-term habits can include… biting your fingernails, chewing pens, smoking, chewing ice cubes, sucking your fingers or thumb (and you are over 6 years of age ! ), vomiting after eating, taking methamphetamine drugs, cracking shells on nuts with your teeth, opening drink bottles with your teeth, clenching or grinding your teeth ( bruxism), habitually biting your lips or cheek, holding sewing pins between your teeth, chewing on the arm of your sunglasses, and/or drinking excessive cups of tea or coffee.

Smoking will definitely stain your new restorations, as will excessive tea and coffee.

Grinding or clenching your teeth often occurs at night when you are asleep, or during the daytime, especially when you are concentrating eg driving or working on your laptop. Ask your dentist about the benefits of a specialized custom-made bite splint to protect your new smile from the destructive forces of bruxism, which can easily crack fillings and teeth.

Remember that restorations (fillings) have a limited life and will need routine maintenance depending on what pressure you put them under! (eg grinding, clenching, high sugar diet, not flossing, dehydration (lack of water), trauma and sporting injuries.) It’s a tough world out there in the mouth…

Ask your dentist at every checkup if there are any signs of severe wear on any of your fillings or natural teeth. Prevention is always a good option. Remember it takes 21 days to change a habit and this will give your new smile every chance of a long and healthy life. 

Chat to your favourite dentist about a customized prevention plan to beat bad habits forever!

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