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Discover excellence in dental health with Smile by Design, where dentistry, integrative health care and beauty come together.

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Healthy and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

Discover exceptional dentistry built on experience, quality and trust. Together we create long term solutions that suit your lifestyle and put you on the path to true wellness through restorative dental work, preventative treatments and gum care.

Look beyond the smile with Smile by Design


Experience abundant health.

Discover an approach that looks beyond your smile. Experience the unique wellness and aesthetic approach of Smile by Design with integrative healthcare solutions, including sleep medicine, orthodontics and headache treatments.

Holistic Beauty Treatments at Smile by Design


Accentuate your natural radiance.

Find complementary skincare treatments for an all-encompassing wellbeing experience that helps you smile with confidence. From cosmetic dentistry to botox and dermal micro-needling, at Smile by Design, we want to empower you to live your best life.

Welcome to integrative dentistry on the Sunshine Coast

Smile by Design seeks to provide perspective and insight into long-lasting health solutions, guiding you towards a treatment plan that works for you. Our patient care is completed to the highest standard, ensuring you feel cared for and relaxed during your visit.

For the past 25 years’, Smile by Design has defined itself as a leading dental, integrative health care and skincare clinic. Located on the idyllic Sunshine Coast, we pride ourselves on doing more for you and your family.

Discover a better approach to dental care

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Tired of waking up tired?

Tired of waking up tired?

Did you know that 2 out of 10 Australian adults will snore at some time during their life? Usually snoring is a sign of sleep-disordered breathing in any age group ( children and adults) plus it annoys your partner and also affects their sleep quality. In addition for...

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Toothbrush Tips

Toothbrush Tips

When I first moved to Queensland I was amazed to discover electric blankets for sale in retail stores. Surely one would never need an electric blanket in sunny warm Queensland?  However, over the past few weeks, I have had the odd occasion to pop on the electric...

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The perils of being a wine judge

The perils of being a wine judge

All teeth experience some degree of wear as we age. Your dentist may tell you that your teeth show signs of dental erosion, and it has nothing to do with Maroochy River king tides! Erosion occurs when enamel is dissolved from tooth surfaces, and the teeth may appear...

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